Eating With IBS
Made Easy

Debloat and Get Regular Without Overly Restrictive Elimination Diets, Expensive Supplement Regimes or Giving Up Your Social Life.


Eating With IBS Made Easy

Debloat and Get Regular Without Overly Restrictive Elimination Diets, Expensive Supplement Regimes or Giving Up Your Social Life.


Psst...the right gut health diet is out there. But you won't find it on Google.

Whether your gut issues just started recently or you've been suffering for years, here's the truth:

Piecing together gut health advice from the internet will keep you stuck in an endless cycle of elimination diets and expensive new supplements.

If you're like the hundreds of people I've helped before, you've spent hours down a google wormhole searching for solutions to your gut symptoms, have dozens of half-empty supplement bottles gathering dust in your cupboards and have tried every single gut health diet out there...

...but you are still struggling with gas, bloating or irregularity.

If that's you, then you know you need to stop wasting time and money and finally get a custom strategy that will manage your gut symptoms- for good!

Yes, help me!

"I’ve lost around 15 lbs, and am feeling really healthy, energetic, and strong. My sleep has improved, as has my digestion."

— Tamara

With this 1:1 coaching program, you will:


Finally understand what triggers are causing your symptoms.


Craft the perfect diet for your unique gut symptoms without needlessly cutting out foods.


Stop second guessing everything that you eat.


Confidently navigate holidays, vacations and meals out with ease.


Never follow another cookie-cutter elimination diet again.

Eating With IBS Made Easy will Transform Your Gut Health and it’s Officially OPEN for Enrolment





"I had an amazing first consultation with Jessica...Her approach is unlike a lot of other health professionals' recommendations (in a really good way)."

- Mitzi

"Working with Jessica was a joy. She is kind, incredibly knowledgeable, non-judgemental and empathetic. My IBS symptoms are a *lot* more manageable now…"

- Caro

"My stomach issues have gotten so much better. I am not nearly as uncomfortable as I used to be."

- Trisha

What We Cover In Each 1:1 Session of
Eating With IBS Made Easy


Health History & Why You May Have Developed IBS

This is where we take a deep dive into your symptoms and how they correspond with food and life including stress, sleep, eating habits, hormones, movement. Learn how IBS develops, how your symptoms indicate where the issue lies and how to keep an effective food and symptom journal so that we can uncover your own unique sensitivities and intolerances.


Laying a Solid Nutritional Foundation

Learn how to put together a balanced meal specific to your unique nutritional needs and how to leverage meal size and timing to minimize your symptoms.


Demystifiying Fibre

Not all fibre is equal to the IBS gut. Learn what types of fibre your gut needs to be healthy and what types of fibre that are likely flaring your symptoms.


Intolerances & Sensitivities

Hot topics in the gut health world; the IBS gut is more prone to intolerances and sensitivities. Here we will discuss how to pinpoint intolerances and sensitivities and the differences between both.


Navigating Your IBS Diet in the Real World

Learn how to socialize, go on vacation and navigate food-driven holidays without a massive flare in symptoms.


Re-introducing Foods & Long-Term Gut Health

Learn how to strategically reintroduce foods that you may have not tolerated previously and how to expand your diet to improve your gut health over the long term.


Is this a DIY program?

No, this program is 100% customized and each session is a one hour private session with me.

How are sessions scheduled?

Sessions are set weekly so that we can check-in and troubleshoot any symptoms in real-time.

Do I have to be diagnosed with IBS to work with you?

No, you do not have to be diagnosed with IBS. I work with anyone who is experiencing any type of gastrointestinal symptoms or conditions. Some examples: bloating, indigestion, SIBO, yeast overgrowth, bacterial infection, constipation and/or diarrhea, IBD.

Will I need any blood work or diagnostic testing?

No- this is not a requirement but I may refer you to a local medical practitioner if I feel you may benefit from it.

Does working with you replace the need to see my doctor or specialist?

No. I am not a doctor and I do not diagnose. I highly recommend having a doctor or gastrointestinal specialist on your health team.

I am working with another practitioner for my condition/symptoms. Can you work with them?

Yes! I am a huge proponent of integrative health care. All practitioners- Naturopaths, Medical Doctors, Chiropractic doctors, Acupuncturists, Nutritionists- play unique and different roles in your care.

How do I attend my sessions?

All appointments are conducted via Zoom. You do not need to have your video on if you prefer not to. If you are located in Canada I can offer telephone appointments.

I can't wait for you to join Eating With IBS Made Easy.

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist thriving with IBS, it is my life's mission help those who are stuck and frustrated in their journey with IBS.

Why? Because that was me.

Like you, I needlessly suffered for years before I found the key to managing my IBS. This program teaches you how to break free from the pain and discomfort of IBS....without wasting the time and money that I did.
xo, Jessica

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